This year, I was astounded to find three video games featuring prominent trans characters and storylines. I’m truly not saying this in a way to sound facetious, because obviously three is a small number, yet it is much more than last year’s zero. As a trans woman, I am genuinely…
The failure of the newest entry in the "Fantastic Beasts" franchise isn't about J.K. Rowlings's transphobia, but it should've been.
Tunic spends so much time looking to the past that it fails to balance the gameplay elements within, burying a beautiful idea behind messy combat.
A prequel set a century in the past, also sets it back in quality with a lack of follow-through on some promising themes.
My "Best Of" collection of random things from the year.
Endwalker has arrived, nothing else matters. The week ending in 12/5
What I've been up to in the week ending 11/28.
What I've been up to in the week ending 11/21.
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